Perfect shape

Perfect stoves

You can’t improve a perfect shape, and that’s also true for Storch stoves. Minimalistic design combined with functional details creates a whole that’s truly a pleasure to behold. Even without a fire...

Discover a new dimension in heating with Storch fireplace stoves.

More air for the stove

The central air intake is the lungs of the Storch fireplace stove. The perfectly designed central air intake system will ensure the fire gets all the oxygen it needs.

Comfortable control

Storch stoves have simple and intuitive controls. A single elegant controller manages the amount of air that enters the combustion chamber. Control primary and secondary air with a single touch.

Unique clean design

The combination of exclusive materials and surfaces such as glass, stainless steel with elegant black make Storch stoves an unmissable piece of furniture.

With a single touch

Perfect minimalism for opening the woodshed door reflects contemporary furniture design. A single soft press gives you access to the built-in storage area for tools or a small amount of wood.

Warmth for the whole day

Perfectly designed accumulation, with one of the largest capacities on the fireplace stove market, will pleasantly radiate heat even after the fire has died in your stove.